As you may have seen in my blog posts, I'm a young developer building software on the web. On this page, you can see some of the projects I'm working 😃


A place for your code snippets: You can organize snippets in folders and create multiple files. logo You can also share folders and snippets with other users or create public links and use the embedding-feature. It's like a cloud-storage for often used pieces of code. Originally built to share HTML snippets together with the CSS snippet, SnippetLand can be used for nearly every language and you can even add images or descriptions with Markdown. And if you quickly need a snippet, SnippetLand integrates directly into your IDE by providing a Visual Studio Code extension.

Check it out here:


Sometimes, I needed some simple tools. With Webaze, a home for a Webservice-Collection was built. Currently, Webaze provides the following services: logo

  • URL-Shortener: Quickly create shortlinks or customize them with automatic deactivation, custom names or custom domains.
  • Broken link check: Check a given website for broken links and get an overview of broken and external links.
  • Sitemap generator: Quickly generate a sitemap (tree-view, XML, plain text) from a given website. I've planned to extend the service collection with much more cool and useful services.

That's not all

I come up with new ideas very often and my list of new projects is already pretty long. The projects shown on this page are by far not all, I'll update this page as soon as others go live.